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7/1/2017PCL - Online - July (Payroll Compliance Legislation)F17PCL807 F17PCL807
7/1/2017LCP En Ligne Juillet (Legislation Sur la Conformite)FrancaisF17PCL807F F17PCL807F
7/5/2017COMPLET - Excel Pour les Professionnels de la Paie -Laval539123_17QC539123_17
7/6/2017COMPLET Excel Pour les Professionnels de la Paie -Québec539016_17QC539016_17
7/7/2017Best Practices in Conducting Workplace Investigations ARCH.5050120_16 5050120_16
7/10/2017Payroll Administration in Canada (5 Days) - Vancouver571017_17BC571017_17
7/10/2017PF2 - Online - July (Payroll Fundamentals 2)F17PF2807 F17PF2807
7/10/2017PF2 - En Ligne Juillet (Principes Fondamentaux II)FrancaisF17PF2807F F17PF2807F
7/12/2017COMPLET Excel Pour les Professionnels de la Paie - Montréal531043_17QC531043_17
7/12/2017N & S: Are You One Person Payroll Department - Toronto551903_17ON551903_17
7/12/2017Network & Share: CPA Tools and Guidelines - Victoria574902_17BC574902_17
7/13/2017Communication for the Payroll Professional - Saint John523005_17NB523005_17
7/13/2017Introduction à la Fin d'Année Fédérale - Montréal531011_17QC531011_17
7/13/2017Payroll Accounting - Basic Principles -Toronto551028_17ON551028_17
7/13/2017HR Fundamentals - Surrey575005_17BC575005_17
7/14/2017Terminations - Vaughan551030_17ON551030_17
7/14/2017Network & Share: Disaster Recovery For Payroll - Vaughan551902_17ON551902_17
7/15/2017PCL Challenge Exam Online - JulyF17PCL607 F17PCL607
7/15/2017LCP - Option Défi en Ligne (juillet Législ. Sur la Confor)F17PCL607F F17PCL607F
7/15/2017PF1 Challenge Exam Online - JulyF17PF1607 F17PF1607
7/15/2017PF1 - Option Défi en Ligne JuilletF17PF1607F F17PF1607F
7/15/2017PF2 Challenge Exam Online - JulyF17PF2607 F17PF2607
7/15/2017PF2 - Option Défi en Ligne JuilletF17PF2607F F17PF2607F
7/20/2017Payroll Reconciliation and Balancing - ARCHIVE5050115_16 5050115_16
7/20/2017Balance et Rapprochement des Comptes de Paie - Archivé5050116_16 5050116_16
7/20/2017Learning Payroll I - Montreal531025_17QC531025_17
7/20/2017Taxable Benefits - Richmond Hill551027_17ON551027_17
7/20/2017PF1 - Online - July (Payroll Fundamentals 1)F17PF1807 F17PF1807
7/20/2017PF1 - En Ligne - Juillet(Principes Fondamentaux I) FrancaisF17PF1807F F17PF1807F
7/21/2017Learning Payroll II - Montreal531026_17QC531026_17
7/27/2017HR Fundamentals - St. John's521003_17NL521003_17
7/27/2017Communication for the Payroll Professional - Halifax522005_17NS522005_17
7/27/2017Communication for the Payroll Professional - Mississauga552016_17ON552016_17
7/27/2017Learning Payroll I - Burnaby571018_17BC571018_17
7/28/2017Learning Payroll II - Burnaby571019_17BC571019_17
8/1/2017PCL - PCL Online - Aug.F17PCL808 F17PCL808
8/3/2017Payroll Issues in U.S. - Calgary562014_17AB562014_17
8/3/2017Communication for the Payroll Professional - Burnaby571020_17BC571020_17
8/4/2017Introduction à la Fin d'Année Au Québec - Montréal531012_17QC531012_17
8/9/2017Payroll System Selection & Implementation: Virtual Classroom505010_17 505010_17
8/10/2017Special Payments - Ajax551021_17ON551021_17
8/10/2017PF2 - Online - August (Payroll Fundamentals 2)F17PF2808 F17PF2808
8/11/2017Workplace Discipline & Perfomance Management - ARCHIVE5050025_16 5050025_16
8/15/2017Applied Payroll Management - Online  F17APM808
8/15/2017Introduction To Payroll Management - Online  F17IPM808
8/15/2017PCL Challenge Exam Online - AugF17PCL608 F17PCL608
8/15/2017LCP- Option Défi Sept(Législation Sur la Conformité)FrançaisF17PCL608F F17PCL608F
8/15/2017PF1 Challenge Exam Online - AugF17PF1608 F17PF1608
8/15/2017PF1 - Option Défi en Ligne Août ( Principes Fond. I)F17PF1608F F17PF1608F
8/15/2017PF2 Challenge Exam Online - AugF17PF2608 F17PF2608