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4/24/2017Payroll Administration in Canada - Toronto551012_17ON551012_17
4/25/2017Sheridan College- HMC (Introduction To Payroll Management) ONS17IPM710
4/25/2017PF1- Sheridan Davis (Payroll Fundamentals 1)S17PF1219ONS17PF1219
4/25/2017PF2 - Sheridan Brampton (Payroll Fundamentals 2)S17PF2219ONS17PF2219
4/26/2017CLOSED - PCP & CPM Luncheon / Dîner S.C.P et G.A.P- Montréal503300_17QC503300_17
4/26/2017N & S: CPA Tools & Guidelines - Dartmouth522902_17NS522902_17
4/26/2017Learning Payroll I - Montreal531013_17QC531013_17
4/26/2017Session d'Information Sur l'Accréditation - Montréal531901_17QC531901_17
4/26/2017Taxable Benefits - Peterborough545003_17ON545003_17
4/26/2017Payroll Accounting: Basic Principles - Mississauga/ CHSI552006_17ON552006_17
4/26/2017FULL- Severance or Salary Continuance - Mississauga552902_17ON552902_17
4/26/2017Terminations - Edmonton561008_17AB561008_17
4/26/2017Network & Share: Social Media and Your Career - Edmonton561902_17AB561902_17
4/26/2017PCL- Sheridan Hazel McCal (Payroll Compliance Legislation)S17PCL232ONS17PCL232
4/27/2017Learning Payroll 2 - Montreal531014_17QC531014_17
4/27/2017Employment Standards -Kitchener547005_17ON547005_17
4/27/2017Terminations - Calgary562034_17AB562034_17
4/27/2017Payroll Administration in Quebec (2 Days) - Vancouver571009_17BC571009_17
4/27/2017(NEW DATE) Taxable Benefits - Nanaimo574001_17BC574001_17
4/27/2017Sheridan College-HMC Campus (Applied Payroll Management) ONS17APM710
4/27/2017PCL- Sheridan Davis (Payroll Compliance Legislation)S17PCL219ONS17PCL219
4/27/2017PF1 - Sheridan Hazel McCallion (Payroll Fundamentals 1)S17PF1232ONS17PF1232
4/27/2017PF2 - Sheridan Hazel McCallion (Payroll Fundamentals 2)S17PF2232ONS17PF2232
4/28/2017Meilleures Pratiques des Avantages Sociaux - Pointe-Claire539206_17QC539206_17
4/28/2017Best Practice of Employee Benefits - London544003_17ON544003_17
4/28/2017Communication for the the Payroll Profesional - Vaughan551014_17ON551014_17
4/28/2017Member Onboarding Event - TorontoRETENT0117ONRETENT0117
4/29/2017Employment Standards - Burnaby571010_17BC571010_17
5/1/2017PCL - Online - May (Payroll Compliance Legislation)S17PCL805 S17PCL805
5/1/2017LCP En Ligne Mai (Legislation Sur la Conformite)FrancaisS17PCL805F S17PCL805F
5/1/2017PF2 - Camosun CollegeS17PF2291BCS17PF2291
5/3/2017Comptabilité de la Paie • Principes de Base - La Prairie539306_17QC539306_17
5/3/2017Payroll Administration in Quebec (2 Days)-Mississauga/CHSI552015_17ON552015_17
5/3/2017PCL - Fanshawe College (Part Time)S17PCL220ONS17PCL220
5/3/2017PF1 - Lethbridge College (Payroll Fundamentals 2)S17PF2290ABS17PF2290
5/4/2017Principes Fondamentaux des RH - Montreal531015_17QC531015_17
5/4/2017L'équité Salariale- Demi Journée (PM) - Laval539102_17QC539102_17
5/4/2017New Date! - Taxable Benefits - Ottawa541002_17ON541002_17
5/4/2017Employment Standards - Toronto551020_17ON551020_17
5/4/2017Communication for the Payroll Professional - Grande Prairie569201_17AB569201_17
5/5/2017Employment Standards - Fredericton523002_17NB523002_17
5/5/2017L'équité Salariale- Demi-journée- AM- Montréal531008_17QC531008_17
5/5/2017Réseautage: Gestion des Absences Non Rémunérées - Laval535906_17QC535906_17
5/5/2017Réseautage: Temps et Présence - Montreal535908_17QC535908_17
5/5/2017Calcul Indemnite « 14 Premiers Jours » CSST -AM - La Prairie539308_17QC539308_17
5/5/2017Taxable Benefits - Thunder Bay549001_17ON549001_17
5/5/2017Employment Standards - Lethbridge569501_17AB569501_17
5/6/2017PCL - Mount Royal UniversityS17PCL214ABS17PCL214
5/8/2017PCL - Niagara College (Payroll Compliance Legislation)S17PCL298ONS17PCL298
5/8/2017PCL - Centennial College (Full-time)S17PCL339ONS17PCL339