Network & Share Events

Start DateTitleEvent CodeRegion Code
9/28/2017Network & Share: HR & Payroll Policies - Victoria574903_17BC Regional Office574903_17
9/29/2017Network & Share : Time and Attendance - Ajax551904_17Ontario Regional Office551904_17
9/29/2017Network & Share: Payroll & HR Networking - Regina563906_17Alberta Regional Office563906_17
10/4/2017N&S: Pay on Termination/Retirement Allowance - Toronto551905_17Ontario Regional Office551905_17
10/5/2017N & S: HR & Payroll Communication - St. John's521903_17Atlantic Regional Office521903_17
10/5/2017Network & Share: The New Rules in a Digital Age - Edmonton561906_17Alberta Regional Office561906_17
10/12/2017N & S:Service & Hospitality Safety Association (SHSA)-Regina563907_17Alberta Regional Office563907_17
10/13/2017Network & Share: PEIR Reports - Richmond Hill551906_17Ontario Regional Office551906_17
10/13/2017Network & Share: PIER Report - Richmond571905_17BC Regional Office571905_17
10/18/2017Réseautage: Avantages Sociaux; Clé de la Rétention? - Québec535914_17Quebec Regional Office535914_17
10/18/2017Network and Share: Vacation - Time and Pay - Toronto551907_17Ontario Regional Office551907_17
10/19/2017Payroll Working With Other Departments - Montreal535916_17Quebec Regional Office535916_17
10/19/2017Network & Share: Year End Check Lists - Vaughan551909_17Ontario Regional Office551909_17
10/20/2017COMPLET Réseautage: Trucs et Astuces de Paie- Saint-Eustache535912_17Quebec Regional Office535912_17
10/20/2017Network & Share : WCB Annual Returns - Ajax551910_17Ontario Regional Office551910_17
10/23/2017Network & Share: CPA Tools and Guidelines - Toronto551508_17Ontario Regional Office551508_17
10/26/2017Réseautage: Relations Paie et Autres Départements - Montreal535917_17Quebec Regional Office535917_17
10/26/2017Network & Share: Mergers and Acquisitions - Edmonton561907_17Alberta Regional Office561907_17
10/27/2017Network & Share: External Audits - Vaughan551901_17Ontario Regional Office551901_17
11/15/2017Network & Share:Developing Your Leadership Skills - Edmonton561908_17Alberta Regional Office561908_17