Hays Payroll Salary Guide, March 2015


The Canadian Payroll Association congratulates Hays on their 2015 Payroll Salary Guide. This research contributes to Canadians’ understanding of payroll as a profession and provides deeper insight into the growing value attributed to qualified, experienced payroll professionals.

Payroll is mission critical. That is why Canada’s 1.5 million employers rely on payroll practitioners for the timely and accurate payment of $865 billion in wages and benefits, $290 billion in statutory remittances to the federal and provincial governments and $163 billion in health and retirement benefits, while complying with more than 190 federal and provincial regulatory requirements.

Payroll practitioners desiring higher compensation, enhanced job responsibilities and a stake in raising the standards of payroll compliance management in their organization are increasingly recognizing the value of the Canadian Payroll Association’s certifications - Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) and Certified Payroll Manager (CPM). The Canadian Payroll Association counts close to 11,000 PCPs and over 3,000 CPMs among its nearly 20,000 organizational and professional members – and these numbers continue to grow.
Employers are also increasingly recognizing PCP certification as the fundamental knowledge requirement for a payroll position in Canada, and the CPM as the credential required for a payroll manager. The recognition and value that employers place on payroll certification is reflected in the increased earning potential for certified payroll professionals.

The Hays survey results have again shown that employers are willing to pay higher salaries to certified payroll professionals, a testament to the payroll compliance knowledge they bring to the table.

Since 1978, the Canadian Payroll Association has annually influenced the payroll compliance practices and processes of over five hundred thousand organizational payrolls. As the authoritative source of Canadian payroll compliance knowledge, the Canadian Payroll Association promotes payroll compliance through education and advocacy. For more information on the Association’s Professional Development Seminars, Certification Programs, Compliance Resources and the Benefits of Membership, I encourage you to visit payroll.ca.

Steven Van Alstine, CPM, CAE
Vice-President, Education
The Canadian Payroll Association

Hays Payroll Salary Guide Available at hays.ca/payroll