The Canadian Payroll Association Congratulates 211 New Payroll Certification Graduates and Award Winners in the Atlantic region

Certified payroll practitioners are leaders of their profession, personifying community, professionalism and authoritative payroll compliance knowledge.

HALIFAX (April 28, 2015) – This April, the Canadian Payroll Association proudly hosts its 10th annual PCP and CPM Certification Recognition Events across Canada, celebrating the success of newly certified Payroll Compliance Practitioners (PCP) and Certified Payroll Managers (CPM). In the Atlantic region, the Association welcomed 203 newly certified PCPs and 8 new CPMs. Among these graduates were Regional Award Winners Lynn Karchewski (from Halifax), Melissa Kenny (from Halifax) and Mary Brace (from Riverview), who demonstrated outstanding academic excellence by earning the top marks of all Atlantic candidates for core PCP certification payroll compliance courses. The Association congratulates these Regional Award Winners and all new PCP and CPM graduates.


Regional Award Winners who achieved top marks included Halifax’s Lynn Karchewski (Gold, LEFT), as well as Melissa Kenny (Silver, RIGHT) and Riverview’s Mary Brace (Bronze).  

Each year the Canadian Payroll Association welcomes a growing number of newly certified PCP and CPM payroll professionals – the only recognized payroll certifications in Canada. For these graduates, certification represents the culmination of hard work and dedicated study in the Association’s PCP and CPM programs. The Payroll Compliance Practitioner program creates the foundation for a successful career in payroll, providing students with the authoritative compliance knowledge required to process an organization’s annual payroll cycle, effectively communicate payroll information to all stakeholders, and understand the accounting function as it relates to payroll. The Certified Payroll Manager program builds upon this compliance knowledge and develops additional management skills and competencies, for experienced payroll practitioners whose career goals include managing a payroll department.

Graduates in the Atlantic region are among 3,000 new payroll professionals recognized at 17 events across the country. In addition to recognizing award winners by region, the Association awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze honours to the top three academic performers nationwide. National Award Winners will be recognized on Awards Night during the Canadian Payroll Association’s Annual Conference, taking place from June 2nd to June 5th, 2015 in Quebec City.

Newly certified PCPs and CPMs join a community of over 14,000 certified payroll professionals, including 10,900 Payroll Compliance Practitioners and 3,100 Certified Payroll Managers. Canada’s 1.5 million employers rely on these payroll professionals for timely and accurate payment of $865 billion in wages and benefits annually, along with $290 billion in statutory remittances and $163 billion in health and retirement benefits, all while complying with more than 190 federal and provincial regulatory requirements.

“The Association congratulates our newly certified Payroll Compliance Practitioners and Certified Payroll Managers” said Canadian Payroll Association’s Vice-President of Education Steven Van Alstine. “These certified payroll professionals have proven they can help raise the standards of payroll compliance management across the profession and in their own organizations.” 

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