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International Assignments: What Payroll Needs to Know

One-day Seminar

For certified members, this seminar counts toward 7.5 hours of continuing professional education. Click here to find a date and location in your area.

Globalization is impacting all facets of industry in Canada. As a payroll professional, you will need to be prepared for the implications of paying international assignees. They can be Canadians who are working in another country or other national employees (e.g., Americans) who transfer to Canada.

Attend this seminar and get the latest answers to your questions on international assignees, including:

  • Do you know what to do to prepare both your business and your employee for the increased complexity that comes with the administration of international assignments?
  • Do you know the roles around tax residency and how it impacts your requirement to withhold?
  • Are you ready to carry out the requirements of payment arrangements in another country?
  • Do you know how your international assignment policy is developed, what additional types of compensation are typically paid to international assignees?
  • Do you understand how your business is impacted from a compliance and reporting perspective?

The curriculum covers:

  • Types of expatriates paid
  • Tax residency rules for Canadians and other international assignees
  • Understanding balance sheet compensation
  • Administering a tax equalization policy and understanding alternative approaches
  • Split/shadow payrolls
  • CPP and EI for Canadians working outside of Canada
  • Stock options/severance payment and reporting for international assignees
  • Year-end reporting
  • Overseas employment tax credit: requirements and source deductions
  • Special worksite allowance and its impact on international assignees
  • Quebec differences also discussed