Advance your career with payroll certification & training

Kickstart your payroll career, enhance your payroll compliance knowledge, and add even more value to your organization.

The Canadian Payroll Association’s Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) and Certified Payroll Manager (CPM) professional certifications can help you and your organization succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

Are you raising a family or working at a demanding job? Take the Canadian Payroll Association’s certification courses online at your own pace.

Would you prefer to network with peers? Take our certification courses at your choice of post-secondary institution across Canada.

Why Get Certified?

Payroll certification gives you:

  • the education to know what to do and how to do it
  • the experience to make the right decisions
  • the tools and resources to help you stay current and compliant
  • the confidence and credibility to get ahead

Certification Pays

With over 200 regulatory requirements, payroll is complex. Whether you want to advance in your current role or find a new opportunity, certification gets you job-ready and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Errors can result in costly fines and penalties. Employers look to minimize this risk by hiring Payroll Compliance Practitioners (PCP) and Certified Payroll Managers (CPM). And they’re willing to pay a higher salary for certified professionals (Source: Hays Canada Payroll Salary Guide).

Certification is the smart choice to elevate your payroll career, prove your commitment and credibility, and increase your earning power.

“I received my PCP certification and almost immediately doors began to open. When you have credentials to back up your experience, you go for positions you previously thought were out of your reach.”  Jocelyn Dawson, PCP