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Advance your career by building on your payroll compliance knowledge and management skills! Becoming a Certified Payroll Manager (CPM) gives you the confidence and expertise to move up to a management position. It also helps you command a higher starting salary according to national payroll recruiting firms. Register now!

The CPM Certification Program

CPM certification is the next step for PCP certification holders looking to enter a management position. It gives you the valuable payroll compliance and management skills needed to advance. To enroll, you must have at least two years of weighted experience being responsible for the payroll function of an organization, including being accountable to management for the accuracy of employees' pay and government statutory remittances, or equivalent experience, obtained within the past five years.

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To enrol in the CPM program, you must be PCP certified and have two years of related work experience. Before enrolling, submit a Payroll Experience Prerequisite Application and wait for approval from the Canadian Payroll Association.

Once approved, CPM certification then requires two core payroll courses and three transfer of credits.


To receive and maintain your certification, you must be a member of the Canadian Payroll Association through a Professional membership or the Organization membership of your employer (annual membership fees are required).

In order to achieve a CPM certification, all requirements must be completed within five year timeline. For further details with regards to five year timeline please review the Payroll Experience Prerequisite information.

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