Payroll Fundamentals 1

This course is the second core payroll course in the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification program.

Individuals who feel they have the necessary knowledge to write the exam, without taking the complete course, may choose the challenge study option.

Each online challenge course for the Payroll Compliance Practitioner certification is 2 months in duration. The online exam must be written in the presence of a proctor at any time during the 2-month period prior to the official end date of the course.


Payroll Compliance Legislation

Upon completion of Payroll Fundamentals 1, you will be able to:

  • Calculate regular individual pay.
  • Calculate non-regular individual pay.
  • Calculate termination payments.
  • Complete a Record of Employment (ROE).
  • Communicate all aspects of individual pay requirements to various stakeholders.

The course material will be shipped by FedEx to your preferred mailing address and should arrive within 10 days from the date of your registration. We cannot redirect the books once they are ordered. The course login will be emailed to your preferred email address 1-2 days before the course start date. If you don't see the email in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder.

The challenge option consists of below learning activities:

Practice Quiz: This quiz gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with some of the types of questions that you will encounter in the Challenge Exam, such as multiple choice, calculations and fillable forms. You can take the Practice Quiz as many times as you like.

Tasks: Practicing the tasks gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the form fill-in types of questions that you will encounter in the Challenge Exam. You can complete the following tasks as many times as you wish and get instant feedback on your results.

  • Net Pay Calculation - Allowances and Benefits
  • Net Pay Calculation - QuĂ©bec - Allowances and Benefits
  • Automobile Taxable Benefit 1
  • Automobile Taxable Benefit 2
  • Net Pay Calculation - Bonus Pay
  • Completing a Record of Employment


The final exam is administered via remote automated proctoring through our partnership with Examity®. The remote proctoring fee is included in the course fee. 

The Association will not cover any additional costs for students who choose to have their exam proctored through a test centre.

A minimum grade of 65% on the exam is required to pass the course. An online grade report will be available to access/print approximately two weeks after the official end date for the course. For confidentiality reasons, marks cannot be given by phone, fax or email.

Technical Requirements: 

Browser: Google Chrome ONLY, with pop-up blocker disabled. No other browsers are compatible.


  • Desktop, laptop or Chromebook
  • Built-in or external webcam
  • Built-in or external microphone
  • Built-in or external speakers


Internet: An upload and download speed of 2 Mbps.

Note: Mobile devices, e.g., smartphones and tablets, cannot be used to access this course.

Please note, students registered for a Challenge course do not have the option to transfer or withdraw from the course.

Maximum Course Attempts: Students are permitted a maximum of three attempts at any individual Canadian Payroll Association course. In the event that a student fails a given PCP course three times (through any of the classroom, online or Challenge study options), they will no longer be permitted to register for the course.

Study Option: Online
Study Option: Challenge

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