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Excel Training for Payroll Professionals

Enhance your Excel skills, increase your productivity and improve the accuracy of your reports to ensure compliance with the various government requirements. Learn through hands-on, interactive exercises tailored to the roles and responsibilities of payroll professionals, and explore Excel tips and tricks to make everyday activities and reporting more efficient.

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Notions fondamentales de la paie 1

Profitez d'une introduction détaillée à la fonction de la paie, conçue à l'intention de ceux et celles qui connaissent peu la paie ou qui débutent dans le domaine, ou des spécialistes qui reviennent à la profession après une absence. Familiarisez-vous avec le rôle clé du spécialiste de la paie et avec les exigences en matière de traitement, de déclaration, de retenues obligatoires et de versements.

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Notions fondamentales de la paie 2

Étudiez plus en profondeur la matière abordée dans Notions fondamentales de la paie 1. Explorez des procédures et des exigences gouvernementales plus complexes. Ce séminaire interactif et ses exercices couvrent les principes fondamentaux des avantages imposables, des allocations et avantages sociaux, des cessations d’emploi et des saisies-arrêts.

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Learning Payroll I

An introduction to the payroll function designed for new staff with no or limited exposure to payroll, or those returning to payroll after a break. Learn about processing and reporting requirements, and the payroll practitioner's key role in statutory withholding and remittance.

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Workers' Compensation: Payroll's Responsibility

Gain a better understanding and improve your organization’s administration of workers’ compensation in each jurisdiction from a payroll perspective. This half-day online seminar covers the key elements of the process, including calculating premiums, reconciling and reporting payments, and filing annual returns.

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Best Practices for your Group Retirement Plan - Archived Webinar

When times were good and everyone was steadily making gains inside their pensions, employees were generally content about your Group Retirement Program. But what about now when employees see their investments have lost 20% to 30% of their value and more? Prepare yourself now for the upcoming deluge of questions and concerns about your group retirement program.

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Learning Payroll II

Expand on the concepts from Learning Payroll I by exploring more complex processes and government requirements. This interactive, exercise-based seminar covers the fundamentals of taxable earnings, allowances and benefits, terminations and garnishments.

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Paiements spéciaux - 3 modules

Découvrez comment traiter les paiements spéciaux les plus courants, c'est-à-dire les paiements qui diffèrent du salaire normal, comme les primes et les commissions, les paiements à la cessation d'emploi, les compléments de salaire, etc.

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