Expatriate Payroll Year-end Tips

It is the time of the year when things can get quite hectic for payroll professionals. In particular, those dealing with expatriate payrolls.

Tax authorities are increasingly looking into the consistency of the compensation reported by the employer as well as completeness of such information and have come to recognize that personal tax filings will be accurate only to the extent that information provided by the employer is correct.

Employers must carefully review the payroll for the internationally mobile employees based on company policies and ensure that all taxable benefits and allowances, whether delivered in Canada or outside Canada, are included in employment income and properly reported.
In preparation for the year-end review of the payroll for mobile employees, this seminar addresses various aspects which should be considered when conducting a year-end payroll, completing information returns in Canada, and preparing for the upcoming year.
Who should attend? Payroll professionals dealing with cross border employees

A 90 minute ARCHIVED Web seminar providing relevant information with a recognized expert on the seminar subject, originally broadcasted on January 11, 2017.

This webinar will be facilitated by Payroll Compliance Advisors from the Compliance Services and Programs group at the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA). This informative 90 minute webinar will include a 60 minute presentation and 30 minute responses to pre-submitted questions as well as engaging polling questions.

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LENGTH: 90 min

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