Frequently Asked Questions

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To transfer a non-payroll course credit, you must have successfully completed Payroll Compliance Legislation. You must mail an official transcript along with the Transfer Credit Application. Click here to download the form.

You are eligible to send your application for assessment when you finish the PCP educational requirements. You will be provided with access to the application once you qualify. You will be advised of the status of your application within 20 business days of the date it is received by the CPA.

If you are self-employed, your clients can be your verifiers. Self-employed individuals may be contacted by the CPA for an interview.

A career in payroll is very rewarding and becoming certified as a Quebec Payroll Compliance Practitioner (QPCP) will ensure you have the payroll compliance knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the administration of Quebec payrolls. The QPCP is delivered in French and focused solely on Quebec and federal payroll legislation and regulations.

PCP Candidates are students who complete the educational requirements for PCP certification but must still complete the PCP Work Experience Requirement. Employers value PCP Candidates for many entry-level payroll positions. You can use the PCP Candidate information card to assist with your job search and add “PCP Candidate” after your name on business cards, email signatures and résumé.

A verifier is a person who is or was your direct reporting manager and has a professional business relationship with you, such as your current or past employer. Family members are not eligible to verify your experience.

Similar to requirements in other professional fields like accounting and human resources, the PCP Work Experience Requirement enhances the quality of PCP graduates. It assures employers that certification holders can step into a payroll position with a limited amount of training because they have both payroll knowledge and payroll experience. The PCP Work Experience requirement elevates the profile of the PCP certification program with stakeholders, enhancing recognition of PCP certification as a fundamental requirement for a payroll position.