Developing Your Employee Handbook

Because payroll practitioners are increasingly wearing multiple hats, they may even be expected to take the lead on developing, revising and updating their organization's employee handbook. Whatever the level of your involvement, this workshop will provide a comprehensive, hands-on review of how employment policies are drafted, revised and enforced. You will also be able to recognize some of the potential legal pitfalls that go along with developing an employee handbook.

AVAILABLE: Classroom

Employment Standards

Get a comprehensive, plain-language review of employment standards federally and by jurisdiction to help you stay compliant and avoid litigation. Hands-on exercises cover hours of work, public holidays, paid and unpaid leaves, vacation, termination and records retention.

AVAILABLE: Classroom and Online

HR Fundamentals for the Payroll Professional

An introduction to the core HR function for payroll and other professionals looking to enhance their HR skills. Learn methods, approaches and best practices for everything from recruitment to onboarding, orientation, performance management and remuneration, right through to the termination process.

AVAILABLE: Classroom

Legislative Update: Year-end and New Year

For seasoned payroll professionals with a strong understanding of the year-end process, this half-day overview focuses on new legislative changes impacting year-end and payroll operations.

AVAILABLE: Classroom

Pensions & Benefits From a Payroll Perspective

Learn about the variability of pension plans and group benefits from a payroll perspective and their legislative compliance requirements. Topics include registered and non-registered employer-sponsored plans, government programs, individual retirement savings programs, calculation and reporting requirements, and much more.

AVAILABLE: Classroom

Quebec Labour Standards and CNESST Requirements

This seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to the standards of employment within Quebec. It includes an overview of key areas including: hours of work, holidays, leaves, paid and unpaid leaves, vacations, terminations, records retention,  CNESST requirements and labour standards concerning pay equity and harassment.

AVAILABLE: Classroom

Taxable Benefits & Allowances

Avoid government audits. Know the rules on the more than 40 common taxable benefits and allowances included in employment income, such as automobile allowances, loan and stock options, gift cards, and more. Make sure your employer is accurately withholding, remitting and complying with year-end reporting requirements.

AVAILABLE: Classroom and Online


Minimize termination liability and cost while complying with legislation. This seminar equips you with the tools you need to successfully administer, supervise and oversee a termination of employment – including employment/labour standards, human resources issues, types of payments, retiring allowances and the Record of Employment.

AVAILABLE: Classroom and Online

Workers’ Compensation: Payroll’s Responsibility

Gain a better understanding and improve your organization’s administration of workers’ compensation in each jurisdiction from a payroll perspective. This three-part online seminar covers the key elements of the process, including calculating premiums, reconciling and reporting payments, and filing annual returns.


Year-end & New Year Requirements

Win the year-end reporting race and get a head start on the New Year requirements. Get the in-depth information you need to stay up to date with current and future legislative changes that impact your organization’s year-end filing. Essential learning for professionals responsible for a Canadian payroll. Recommended annually.

AVAILABLE: Classroom and Online

Online Year-End & New Year Requirements

This full 4-part online seminar series provides in-depth information in plain language to keep you up-to-date on new legislative requirements and assist you in preparing for an accurate and compliant year-end payroll filing.