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Legislative Updates and Publications

Our payroll publications, updates and bulletins keep you current and compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements. Get the latest payroll updates and news the way you like – print, online or delivered right to your desktop.

e-Source Legislative and Budget Updates

Date Item
February 2020 Issue 16.1 New!
December 2019 Issue 15.6
October 2019 Issue 15.5
August 2019 Issue 15.4
June 2019 Issue 15.3
April 2019 Issue 15.2
April 2019 Special e-Source: Ontario Budget 2019
March 2019 Special e-Source: Quebec Budget 2019-2020
March 2019 Special Issue: Federal Budget 2019
February 2019 Issue 15.1 


May-June 2020 Dialogue



September/October 2020

  • Celebrating All Payroll Powerhouses, pg. 8
  • How to Get the Most Out of Online Learning, pg. 12
  • Payroll in Focus: The Economic Impact of Payroll Professionals in Canada, pg. 14
  • 5 Steps to be Intentional about Your Career, pg. 18
  • Following My Passion for People and Payroll, pg. 22
  • Work-Sharing Temporary Special Measures During the COVID-19 Pandemic, pg. 24
  • Learning is a Lifelong Journey for Me, pg. 26
  • Compensation Trends Amid COVID-19: 2021 Hiring and Salary Trends for Payroll, pg. 28
Date Item
July/August 2020 HTML Version  | PDF Version 
May/June 2020 HTML Version  | PDF Version 
March/April 2020 HTML Version  | PDF Version 
January/February 2020 HTML Version  | PDF Version 
November/December 2019 HTML Version  | PDF Version 
September/October 2019 HTML Version  | PDF Version 
July/August 2019 HTML Version  | PDF Version 
May/June 2019 HTML Version  | PDF Version
March/April 2019 HTML Version  | PDF Version
January/February 2019 HTML Version  | PDF Version
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Other Publications

2020 Rates Sheet

2020 Rates Sheet

Click here to download the 2020 Rates Sheet. For previous years please see below.

2019 Rates Sheet (PDF)
Your Payroll Privacy Questions Answered

Your Payroll Privacy Questions Answered, 3rd edition

This payroll publication is a must-have tool for those with payroll-related responsibilities. Created by the Canadian Payroll Association with privacy experts Murray Long and John Wunderlich, the book draws from our payroll and privacy seminars and contains over 140 pages of answers to actual member questions.

View Full Description | Order Today!

Your Payroll Privacy Vacation Questions Answered

Your Payroll Vacation Questions Answered, 3rd edition.

A big anxiety for payroll practitioners is dealing with annual vacations, particularly for multiple jurisdictions. This book provides critical information on payroll issues related to vacation time and pay across Canada.

View Full Description | Order Today!

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