Termination Checklist

Please select the action items required for a termination of employment in your organization to create a customized checklist.


ItemAction to be takenSelect
Notify staff and managementInternal notification of termination (timing and method often a sensitive matter)
UnionNotify union of termination
Association/Board/ MembershipNotify/cancel membership (if applicable)
Charitable donationsInform employee of options
Notify charitable organization
FinanceProvide details of any outstanding lump-sum payments, such as severance
IT departmentNotify to remove access to company database
Internal staff directoriesRemove employee’s name
Mailing listsRemove employee’s name from list and/or database
Voice mailRevert to default log-on and generic outgoing messages or deactivate
Current address for year-end information (T4, RL-1, etc.)Advise employee to provide any changes of address by phone/e-mail


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