Compliance is not easy, and it is certainly not free. It’s time to bring that fact into focus.

The Cost of Employer Compliance and Public Policy Implications, a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Canada, demonstrates that the complex labyrinth of legislation that payroll professionals routinely navigate has resulted in challenges for employers and created a climate that is less than ideal for investment. To support Canada’s economic future, the report frames three key policy areas where government can work with employers to reduce the overall costs of compliance.

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This report, commissioned by the Canadian Payroll Association, is the second of three inter-related PwC Canada publications released through the fall of 2020, to bring payroll out from behind-the-scenes and into focus:


If you work in payroll, are looking to optimize your organization or develop payroll policies, or are an employer looking manage your costs, each report should be required reading as you develop future-looking strategies.