Payroll's Promise: The Declaration for Payroll

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Payroll's Promise: The Declaration for Payroll

A business is as strong as its people. And the battle for attracting and retaining great talent has never been more fierce. Organizations who wish to strengthen their business by showing employees they are valued, to stay ahead of the curve and to stand out as a top employer can now sign the Declaration for Payroll.

Payroll is at the heart of every business. It not only keeps organizations moving, ensures regulatory compliance, it’s the key reason employees show up and do their best work, day after day. Without payroll, there is no workforce. 

Business leaders can take action today to elevate their organization. By signing the Declaration for Payroll, organizations are making a commitment to do their best to uphold the eight essential principles of professional payroll. In doing so, they will be able to display the National Payroll Institute’s digital seal of payroll-forward organizations.

When a current or potential employee sees this badge or finds an employer on the registry, they’ll know that that organization prioritizes its people and cares about making sure they’re paid on-time and accurately for the work they do.  

Being a signatory of the Declaration should be a badge of honour for your organization. Prioritizing payroll is simply good business. In under ten minutes you could be the latest organization to take the pledge. Once you do, you’ll gain access to the complete toolkit. In it you’ll find: 

  • Certificate of participation 
  • Downloadable poster
  • Letter to notify your employees
  • Sample extranet and social media content 
  • Digital seals to use in your marketing material
  • Business tools and resources 
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Championed by Early Signatories

The Declaration

Whereas payroll is essential to health of every business in Canada, the National Payroll Institute, in its role as the authority on professional payroll in Canada, sets forth the following guiding principles to support businesses in upholding professional payroll.

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Providing accurate pay in accordance with current legislation and agreed upon conditions and stipulations of any employment or contract agreements.

Upholding compliance with all applicable legal requirements, legislations and regulations.

Providing disclosure to employees/contractors at the earliest opportunity of changes, errors, or discrepancies related to their pay. Any pay discrepancies should be resolved as quickly as possible while ensuring that all other payroll rights are upheld following disclosures.

Engaging in fair and equitable pay practices that do not discriminate on the basis of gender identity or expression, age, race, disability, national or ethnic origin, religion, language, sexual orientation or any other protected ground.

Ensuring that pay is managed with the upmost professionalism by those who possess the skills, competencies and expertise required to earn the confidence and trust of workers and organizations.

Ensuring that any personal information required for payroll processing is handled securely, and that confidential or sensitive information or property is protected and stored.

Ensuring pay is delivered on time, according to regularly scheduled pay dates or other defined time frames, as stated in established employment agreements or contracts.

Being transparent with employees regarding their pay, benefits and deductions. Information on these topics should be easily accessible and unambiguous. Employees/contractors should receive communications in clear, plain-language and be entitled to ask questions and receive honest answers and explanations delivered in good faith.

The Registry

The following organizations have committed to prioritizing payroll, by signing the Declaration for Payroll. Add your company by signing on.

  • 11220926 Canada inc. -Rodeway Inn fallsview
  • 770298 Ontario Inc
  • 911 Supply
  • A-B
  • A. Lassonde Inc
  • ADP Canada Co.
  • Akhurst Machinery Limited
  • Alex MacIntyre & Associates Ltd.
  • Alight Solutions
  • Altex Industries Inc.
  • Altex Industries Inc.
  • Arctic Wolf Network Inc
  • Athabasca Basin Security
  • Atlantic Cultivation
  • Atlific Hotels
  • Avanti Software, Inc.
  • B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd.
  • Baptist Housing
  • Barber-Collins Security Services Ltd.
  • Barrhead & District Social Housing Association
  • BC Transit
  • Bessette Notaires Inc.
  • Bigfoot Crane Company Inc.
  • Bishop's College School
  • B-Right Bookkeeping Inc
  • Brightly Bookkeeping Inc.
  • B-Smart Bookkeeping
  • C-D
  • Calgary Fasteners & Tools Ltd.
  • Canada Basketball
  • Canadian Apartment Properties REIT
  • Canadian Appliance Source Limited Partnership
  • Canuck Place Children's Hospice
  • Capital Automotive Group
  • Capital One
  • Carquest Canada Ltd
  • Cashco Financial
  • Ceridian
  • Charm Diamond Centres
  • Chatters Limited Partnership
  • CHEP Canada Corp
  • Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
  • CIMA+
  • City of St. Albert
  • City of Vancouver
  • Clean Air Metals Inc
  • Clearwater Seafoods Limited
  • CMHA Durham
  • Commissionaires-Ottawa
  • Consortium de ressources et d'expertises coopératives
  • Core Laboratories
  • Crowe MacKay LLP
  • Delota
  • Developmental Disabilities Association
  • Dixon Group Canada Limited
  • DLGL Technologies Corporation
  • DNOW Canada ULC
  • Dragados Canada Inc.
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • E-J
  • E.H. Emery Electric Ltd.
  • Emids Technologies
  • Emprez Inc.
  • Entourage Brands Corp.
  • Epscan Industries Ltd
  • Factors Group of Nutritional Companies
  • Financial Horizons Group
  • Fire Ant Contracting Ltd.
  • Fleetmind Seon Solutions
  • Flipp
  • Galderma
  • Gat Leedm Logistics Ltd
  • Genesee & Wyoming Canada Inc.
  • Gestion Rémabec
  • Global Mining Management
  • Graham Mathew Professional Corp.
  • Groupe Desgagnés inc.
  • Haro Park Centre Society
  • HelloFresh Canada
  • Home Hardware Stores Limited
  • Home Trust Company
  • Hotspex Media
  • I Do Books in Inc.
  • ICS Facility Services
  • Information Services Corporation
  • Institut des Communications Graphiques et de l’Imprimabilité
  • International Financial Data Services
  • JKC Restaurants
  • JSG Professional Services ULC
  • K-L
  • Kaiser & Partners
  • Kaleido Croissance inc.
  • KD Management
  • Keyspire Group Inc
  • KF Aerospace
  • Kichton Contracting Ltd.
  • King Business Solutions Inc.
  • Kleysen Group Ltd.
  • Kog Tech Canada
  • Lactanet
  • Laurentian Rail
  • Lauzon Planchers de bois Exclusifs Inc
  • LCBO
  • LCI Education
  • Le Groupe Gesfor Poirier, Pinchin inc.
  • Le Groupe Le Duff
  • Les Aliments Azure
  • Les Soeurs du Bon-Pasteur de Québec
  • Lilly
  • London InterCommunity Health Centre
  • Longboard Architectural Products Inc
  • Lorneville Mechanical Contractors
  • Lycee Louis Pasteur
  • M-O
  • MacDon Industries Ltd.
  • Mary Beaton Financial
  • McConnell Foundation
  • McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP
  • Metaldog Machines
  • Metis Nations of BC
  • Mindbridge Analytics Inc.
  • Mississaugua Golf and Country Club
  • Mobile Klinik
  • Mogan Daniels Slager LLP
  • NAIT
  • National Payroll Institute
  • Nature's Touch Frozen Foods Inc.
  • Nethris
  • Nexelis Laboratories Inc
  • Nilsson Bros Inc.
  • Nishnawbe Aski Police Service
  • North Shore Tribal Council
  • Nortrux Inc.
  • Nova Scotia Legal Aid
  • Now Solutions Inc.
  • OCL Group
  • ORLEN Upstream Canada
  • P-R
  • Pacific Sands Beach Resort
  • Paie Solutions
  • Pavey Law LLP
  • Payroll Guardian International Inc (PGi)
  • Payworks
  • Peavey Industries LP
  • Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions
  • Plains Midstream Canada ULC
  • Pointe-Claire Steel Inc.
  • Portage Mutual Insurance
  • Practical HR Management Inc
  • Proall International Manufacturing
  • Radix Bookkeeping Payroll & Tax Services
  • Ram Iron & Metal Inc.
  • RD Constructions Grp
  • Regional Hospice of Quinte Inc. (Hospice Quinte)
  • Ringer Well Service Ltd
  • River East Transcona School Division
  • Robert Half Canada Inc.
  • Ropack inc.
  • Rothmans Benson & Hedges Inc
  • S-T
  • Saint Francis Xavier University
  • Saputo
  • Saskatchewan Health Authority
  • Sensei Marketing Inc.
  • Shelby Engineering Ltd.
  • Shepherds Care Foundation
  • Siemens Canada Limited
  • SJM Office Services
  • SNP Technical Services Inc. dba Tandem Engineering Group
  • Solmax International inc.
  • Solutions TDL +
  • SOLV4EX Corp.
  • Stelco
  • Strathcona County
  • Structform International Limited
  • Stub Recruitment Inc.
  • Summum Services Dédiés
  • Superior North Catholic District School Board
  • Supreme Steel LP
  • Surrey School District
  • Techquila Freelancing Inc.
  • Test Double Inc
  • The Corporation of the City of Quinte West
  • The Fastener Group
  • The Fort Humdrum Observer
  • The University of British Columbia
  • TLM Partners
  • Torys LLP
  • Town of Cochrane
  • Trans Mountain Canada Inc
  • Traverse Independence
  • TRIUMF Inc.
  • Trott Tours Limited
  • Twenty6two International
  • U-Z
  • Union des Artistes
  • Urban Life Solutions
  • Valcom Manufacturing Group Inc.
  • Ville de Repentigny
  • Vital Metals Canada Ltd.
  • Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health
  • Western Canada group benefits Inc
  • Western Forest Products Inc
  • Western University
  • WesTower Communications Ltd.
  • Workday Inc.
  • Xperigo
  • Young Associates

*Please note, it can take up to one week to see your organization’s name displayed following registration. 

**If you believe a company has signed the Declaration of Payroll but is not following the eight principles, or if you would like to have your company removed from this registry, please contact


Because your people are your most valuable asset. Attracting and retaining great talent is a business imperative. Signing the Declaration is a public testament to your commitment to treating payroll professionally. It shows employees, potential employees, and other organizations that you take the task of paying your people very seriously. In doing so, you can illicit confidence from your team members and stand out as an employer of choice. When payroll is treated as a strategic priority in an organization, rather than a back-office function, there is substantial return-on-investment in the form of increased trust, respect and engagement.

The Declaration for Payroll is intended to be signed by business leaders of organizations. In terms of titles, this is likely “Director-level” or above but will depend on your organization. If you are unsure if you have signing authority for your organization, please check with your people leader.

For National Payroll Institute members, the Declaration is embedded into your Code of Conduct. However, please feel free to share the Declaration with your business leaders and encourage them to sign on!

Any kind of business that employs people can sign the Declaration. Small businesses to large organizations are all encouraged to join.

There is no cost and no application necessary to sign the Declaration. Simply provide your details and confirm that you have authority to sign for your organization, and you will gain access to the marketing tool kit instantly. This will be emailed to you upon successful registration. Your organization’s name will appear on the registry after one week, once your information is validated. You can ask to be removed from the registry at any time by contacting

Mistakes happen. The goal of the Declaration is not to police organizations, but rather to encourage them to bring payroll into focus. As the principles outline, if/when mistakes happen, the important thing is to treat them professionally by being transparent and acting quickly to correct them.

Remember, payroll is complicated and mistakes can happen. However, if you have concerns about an organization claiming to be payroll-forward, please send an email to and outline your concerns.

Interested in signing on but need more information? Click here, and a member of National Payroll Institute will get in touch.

Technology Solutions

If you’re considering implementing technology to professionalize your payroll, you may want to explore offerings from the following providers: