Find the Payroll Compliance Information You Need

Ask Pat – Find the Payroll Compliance Information You Need

The National Payroll Institute is thrilled to introduce "Ask Pat," – an accessible payroll knowledge navigation tool.  

Named in honour of Pat Glithero, this powerful member benefit curates and organizes compliance and best practice information for you to access efficiently when needed. Click the link below to give it a try. When you do, you can expect accurate and reliable information that is both timely and accessible.

Please note that because training a system such as this is detailed and takes a lot of time, for now, the scope of information is limited to statutory holidays and vacations-related queries, information within Late Breaking Payroll News, and compliance-related video content. New topics like Salary Overpayments, Terminations and Province of Employment will be added in the months ahead.   

To get the most out of "Ask Pat," consider the following: 

When searching, use clear and specific keywords related to your query to get relevant results. It's best to avoid using generic 'question words' (i.e. how, what, why, when) as these may lead to the recommendation of less relevant search results.

Browse through “Popular Searches’, ‘Latest Resources’ and ‘Late Breaking Payroll News’ to find information related to your topic.

If you find an article helpful or lacking, provide feedback to help improve the quality of the knowledge base by giving the article a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” This feedback will help us to continually improve the new member benefit.

If you found an article particularly helpful, consider bookmarking it to refer to it again.