We are at the HEART of Business

For over 40 years, the National Payroll Institute has helped payroll professionals to enjoy long and rewarding careers, provided essential expertise to help businesses reduce risk and increase productivity, and worked alongside governments to shape legislation.

As a result, the Institute has realized significant growth with regards to both membership and influence. Today, over 40,000 payroll professionals have access to our myriad of benefits of membership — including career development, top-tier education offerings, networking events, forward-looking research, and access to critical compliance information.

At the heart of this success has been leadership and innovation. With the introduction of Canada’s only payroll designations, the National Payroll Institute set the standard for excellence and knowledge. By introducing Payroll Infoline – a hotline staffed by payroll compliance experts – the Institute made it easier than ever for businesses to meet their payroll obligations and navigate over 200 legislative requirements. By proactively working with the federal and provincial governments, payroll professionals have benefited from legislative changes that have made payroll more streamlined and efficient. By creating National Payroll Week, we laid the framework for a vibrant community of professionals. And our ground-breaking research has lit the way forward for professionals and policymakers alike.

All of this, and the best is yet to come. With a future-forward focus, the National Payroll Institute continues to invest in new products, services, research and advocacy initiatives. Not only to support Canada’s 1.5 million employers and the entire payroll profession. But because payroll is essential to the long-term health of every business, the financial wellness of workers and the strength of our economy — all of whom rely on our members to ensure the timely and accurate annual payment of $1.059 trillion in wages and taxable benefits, and $364 billion in statutory remittances.

Our Mission 

We lead by setting THE standard of professional payroll excellence and cultivating and delivering expertise that is vital to the health of every business, critical to the economy, and essential to shaping public policy in Canada.

Our Vision

The National Payroll Institute leads the payroll profession by setting THE standard of excellence, cultivating business-critical expertise, and strengthening the payroll community.