Test Your Payroll Knowledge

Payroll Knowledge Evaluator (PKE)

The Payroll Knowledge Evaluator (PKE) is an online tool to gauge an individual’s understanding of the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) body of knowledge.

Payroll is complex, requiring knowledge of over 200 regulatory requirements. The PKE is the perfect tool to evaluate this knowledge. Choose 1 of 3 different evaluators to suit your needs – the Full body of Knowledge (covers federal and all provincial/territorial legislation), Federal and non-Quebec (covers federal and all provincial/territorial legislation excluding Quebec), and Federal and Quebec (covers federal and Quebec provincial legislation).

The PKE is an easy-to-use online evaluation tool for:

  • Individuals with previous payroll experience looking to test their level of knowledge before enrolling in the PCP certification program
  • Individuals seeking to challenge the courses
  • Recruiters wanting to test a candidate’s knowledge
  • Organizations working to identify the best candidates or benchmark current departmental knowledge
  1. To purchase multiple Payroll Knowledge Evaluators for use in an organization, click here to fill out the form.
  2. To purchase a single Payroll Knowledge Evaluator in English, click here.
  3. To purchase a single Payroll Knowledge Evaluator in French, click here.

Cost per evaluator – $19.95 plus applicable taxes (credit card or INTERAC Online). The fee is not refundable.

Participants will be given access to the evaluator online, which must be completed once it’s opened.

Each test is 2 hours in length and is made up of 26 questions. The test will expire within one month.

This test is not a transfer credit for the PCP certification program.